AZE designs, manufactures server rack cabinets, NEMA rated outdoor enclosures, telecom cabinets, custom cabinets, PDU, KVM switches and delivery them to the global markets. With the most extensive lines of 19" indoor server ,network or data center, colocation racks, cabinets and NEMA rated outdoor telecom, industrial,battery enclosures in the industry, our ever-expanding range of products include wired, wireless, and industrial networking applications. Ideal soltions for indoors as well as outdoors, they can be used for heating, cooling, venting, as well as internal power requirements.

Find the right product for your IT needs. From small, medium or large commerical application such as soho,office or data center,colocation data center, to outdoor industrial applications such as 4G,5G outdoor telecom infrastructure, solar battery storage products, AZE has the right product for you. AZE designs and manufactures:

As an experienced racks and cabinets factory, AZE offer OEM or ODM services,our product ranges include data center racks, network cabinet enclosurescolocation server rack cabinets and custom rack enclosure solutions. These safeguard and support IT and networking equipment in computer rooms of all sizes, with rack enclosures that contain precision cooling, uninterruptible power, rack PDUs, and wiring management in a sturdy, lockable cabinet.

Our RS-range is a premium data center server rack solution chose by different market, different customers, the popular sizes are 42U,45U,48U,52U, with 24" or 30" or 32" width options and 42", 48" depth options, for different applications. This range data center rack cabinet has best-in-class design and construction, comprehensive features and accessories, easy assembly and quick shipment. It supports all standard rack-based equipment including servers, storage, switches, routers, PDUs, UPSs, console port servers and KVM switches.The racks are compatiable with a wide range of rack acccesories. our server racks can be complemented with different rack accessories.  

If you are a colocation data center provider, AZE has the colocation server rack enclosures for you. AZE provides a variety of colocation cabinets that are ready to order for colocation data centers. Our Colocation Cabinets provide secure compartments for multiple tenants to utilize a single rack enclosure without losing security. Our server racks are compatible with all leading OEM servers and equipment, such as Dell, HP and IBM. We can offer 42U colocation cabinet and 48U colocation server enclosure with 2-bay or 4-bay options. This colocation rack efficiently utilizes the floor space in the data center by minimizing the amount of unused space in the secure IT cabinet. The quality of manufacturing in this sever colocation will instill confidence in the tenant that their physical infrastructure is protected from unauthorized access.

AZE's Aisle Containment solutions eliminate the mixing of hot and cold air in data centers to maximize energy efficiency and lower operating costs.It can dramatically reduce energy costs, minimize hot spots and improve the carbon footprint of a data center. It can use for building new data center room or re-building the data center with aisle containment system to make the racks cooler.

If you need a single rack cabinet for home, office or network closet, AZE has the 6U to 26U single or swing out glass or mesh door type wall mount enclosures, 2U to 8U vertical wall mount cabinets, 1U to 8U wall mount brackets, 12U to 45U open frame racks solutions for you.

Besides the indoor racks and cabinets, AZE also provides outdoor cabinets and enclosures for the extermely harsh environment application- waterproof,weaterproof and dustproof features. One of the biggest challenges of terminating your telecommunications equipment outdoors is finding outdoor enclosures that will be able to properly withstand the elements. Temperature, moisture, ice, shock hazards, and UV damage are all potential dangers to consider before purchasing an outdoor enclosure or cabinet. 

AZE offer a variety of outdoor enclosures for telecommunications equipment. If one of our standard products doesn't quite meet your application requirements, we can modify the design to create the ideal outdoor product for your needs. We can also collaborate with you and your team to create new products built to your specifications. 

As the premier NEMA type outdoor telecom enclosure, industrial electrical enclosure, custom cabinets manufacturer, AZE offers standard and custom solutions for industrial industries in NEMA 3NEMA 3RNEMA 4 and NEMA 4X or IP55IP65 rated. Our precision manufacturing capacity allows for quick lead times, and our engineering department offers the ability to create custom designed cabinets to meet specific needs.We can make the enclosures with galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel that can use in the harsh environment-waterproof,dustproof and corrision.In order to keep your equipment running in good condition, we also offer the climate controlled options such as cooling fans, DC or AC power supplied outdoor cabinet air conditioner, TEC or heat exchanger. We can offer the custom solutions to support you.

Outdoor electrical enclosure accessories including rain hoods, inner doors, sun shields, locking, mounting brackets, inspection viewing window kits and LED lights are available to suit all sizes. High quality thermal management products including air-conditioners, ventilation fans and filters, heaters and controllers can be provided separately or as an assembly. 

Our NEMA Type 5G outdoor enclosures are known to be the most flexible and configurable in the industry, they are built to withstand high impact, can be operated in hot or cold environments and are UV resistant. These NEMA rated enclosures can therefore be used for a wide range of options, including heat, cooling, AC or DC power, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) interfaces.

The electrical enclosure boxes come in a variety of materials such as mild carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Our weatherproof NEMA enclosures can be used for wired and remote sensor applications in water management, traffic controls, and utility monitoring stations. The NEMA enclosures also work well for solar-powered applications, in corrosive environments, as well as, at sub-zero temperatures.

Some of the features included in our electrical enclosures:

  • Mounting plates that allow you to securely mount equipment inside the enclosure
  • Thermostat controlled fans or heaters that support the deployment of sensitive equipment in a variety of temperature environments
  • Padlockable vented or un-vented lids that secure access to the installed equipment preventing the damage or tampering of sensitive equipment
  • DIN rails that provide secure mounting points for industrial DIN mount equipment
  • Internal power configurations including 120V AC, 240V AC, 12V DC & 48V DC PoE

Our electrical enclosure boxes can be customized in several ways:

  • Adding any number of additional port openings to the enclosure
  • Accommodating port openings in any size to your specific requirements
  • Mounting plates in metal or non-metal for RF applications
  • Specific equipment pre-installed for turnkey solutions
  • Variety of thermostat setting options and custom insulation
  • Digital labeling and logo printing with Pantone color code on enclosures making them ideal for OEM applications

We also provide accessories to update your current NEMA enclosure. These items can be purchased separately to repair, or replace individual parts:

  • Mounting Plates
  • Pole Mounting Kits or| Wall Mounting Kits 
  • Enclosure DIN Accessories 
  • Filters or Vents
  • Rack accessories.

When off-the-shelf products won't do, our expert is ready to help with custom an outdoor receptacle box built to your exact specifications. With low or no minimum order quantities and fast turnaround times, our custom NEMA designs can be the ideal solution for your next project. 

As you may know, no matter data center server rack cabinets or outdoor telecom enclosures, they all need the power distribute, so rack PDU is a neccessary product for them. AZE offers a full range of power distribution units, or PDUs, for everything from basic rackmount models in distributed IT networks to advanced models for comprehensive monitoring and control in enterprise and colocation data centers.

Power distribution is a key component to any IT environment. Whether yours is a small deployment or a data center housing hundreds of racks full of IT equipment, understanding your environment and power needs allows you to begin making the right choices about your power distribution equipment. Power distribution units are the backbone of an IT environment. Whether your application's needs range from basic to intelligent technologies, the AZE PDU portfolio has you covered. We have a wide offering of basicmetered input, metered outlet and managed (switched and metered outlet capability) models to fulfill your  IT requirements. If you're in need of a different footprint, the AZE PDU offerings have you covered with 0U1U and 2U size offerings. 

High-quality products, great customer service and on-time delivery, which support customer to get more business with AZE together.

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