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Server Racks and Cabinets

Looking for Server/Network/Colocation/Data Center Racks, Cabinets and Wall Mount Enclosures?

AZE offers a broad range of floor-standing server racks. Whether you need server rack cabinets for a data center or a wall mount rack enclosure for a wiring closet, chances are we have what you need.

Need help? Contact us! Experience rack specialists are available to help you find a server rack with the dimensions and features you need.

As a premier rack and cabinet manufacturer, AZE offer solutions designed for different application or environment. From 2 post racks to server rack enclosures, we have the right solution.

Our racks and cabinets are available in the sizes and configurations you need. We offer a variety of heights, widths, depths, and colors. Sizes vary by model with custom rack and cabinet options available.

Reaching to our team, we can find the right solution for you or help you design a custom rack and cabinet.


We provide a variety of 19 inch rack cabinets and 19 inch enclosures for servers and other equipment.

AZE provides a variety of 19 inch rack cabinet products for data centers and for any situation requiring mounting and enclosing 19-inch rack equipment. The line includes our popular 42u rack cabinet and server rack units that come fully loaded for less cost than other suppliers charge for a basic rack and cabinet.

Each rack cabinet is constructed from steel using the latest technology for durability and strength.  Side panels can be equipped with see-through, solid steel, or ventilated doors as well as adjustable panel mounting rails and a wide array of accessories to allow each cabinet rack to be a turn-key installation. Optional accessories include fan trays, cable management, shelves, and casters.Upon request, AZE can outfit your cabinet rack with shelves, fans, cable management and casters, to allow you to deliver pre-assembled racks to your end customer.

When choosing a rack or cabinet enclosure, one important factor to consider is knowing your server rack cooling strategy. The type of rack you choose will depend on the cooling methods used in your environment. Another point to consider would be selecting an appropriately-sized rack. When selecting a rack, you want to be sure it has sufficient internal space to house your current equipment and ensure that you have ample space to accommodate planned future expansion.

Provide organization and security for critical equipment
Server racks have sturdy steel frames and locking cabinets to secure and organize up to 3,000 lbs. of 19-inch rack equipment. They provide safe homes for servers, storage, network hardware and all the indispensable devices that keep your network efficient and productive.

Deliver efficient cooling
Most network racks feature front-to-rear airflow that supports efficient hot-aisle/cold-aisle configurations and exceed server manufacturer requirements to keep equipment operating reliably. Roof and panel fans are also available to optimize cooling efficiency.

Support diverse applications
Many server rack heights, widths, depths and other variations are available, with a wide range of configuration options so support any application.

Making sure your rack fits into your overall security strategy is just as important too. There are several measures you can take to improve the security of the racks and equipment in your data center.Though it consumes no electricity and contains no moving parts, the rack and enclosure orientation has a significant impact on a data center's ability to become an energy efficient enterprise.

How much U space do I need?

The front and back of server racks have either square, round or threaded holes that are used to secure equipment. A "rack unit" or "U space" is 1.75 inches of vertical space on a rack which contains three holes. It's an easy way to measure space taken up by equipment and helps standardize sizing in the industry 

You need to be familiar with how much U space your equipment will take up in order to save money while making sure everything fits. If you end up with too much open space, you might need blanking panels to keep airflow contained. 

We carry a wide compatibility range of racks & cabinets with U heights from 1U to 60U, meaning that there are plenty of options for the home, office or data center:

  • Data Center Server Racks
  • Co-location Server Cabinet
  • Network Cabinets
  • Wall Mount Enclosures
  • Open Frame Racks, Wall Mount Brackets
  • Server Rack Accessories

How much depth does my rack need?

Depth is just as important as U space because not having enough room means that you might be returning or reselling your server rack. When considering necessary depth, you will need to not only find the dimensions for your current hardware, but any hardware that you might get in the future. If you don't, your equipment might end up sticking out of the back of your rack. 

AZE's server racks cabinets range from 0-50 inches. The average depth for a server rack is about 36". On top of making sure there is enough depth for your equipment, make sure that any rails or shelves you would like to use are compatible.

What internal and external width do I need?

Most server racks cabinets have a width of 19 or 23 inches in order to keep things consistent. 

External width is relevant to the space that the rack takes up inside of a room. It can extend up to 32 inches to provide space for cable management, power supplies and other accessories. This can be customized more through individual item pages. 

To summarize, check the width of your equipment to determine your internal width and your floor space for the external width.

Why buy an sever rack cabinet?

Most enclosed server racks cabinets are lockable, limiting intentional or accidental tampering with your IT equipment. On top of that, most of the hardware is covered by metal, giving a unified and finished appearance that fits into a professional environment.

Enclosed server racks cabinets don't just sit on the floor, they are also commonly mounted to walls or carried in transport cases. They range from 6U to 52U. Some enclosed server racks cabinets have optional front/back openings, and serve as open frame racks hybrids.

AZE offers single and double lock, PCI DSS compliant server racks. Additionally our Colocation server rack cabinet is available with 3 dial combinations and key locks. 

Organize,Secure and Protect Your IT Equipment INDOOR

With our high-quality, in house manufacturing, you can be confident that you are buying the best rack solutions possible. AZE offers a variety of server racks that can fit your data center needs, all the Server Racks & cabinets or projects can provide OEM or ODM support.


Server racks are open frames or cabinets designed for mounting, organizing and securing EIA-standard 19-inch width rack-mount IT and A/V equipment such as servers, routers, hubs, switches and audio/video components, regardless of the manufacturer. They also provide cable management and enable optimized airflow for increased operational efficiency and prolonged equipment life.

Where are server racks used?

● Data centers
● Server rooms
● Network closets
● Industrial/factory floors
● Edge of network locations
● Earthquake zone networks
● A/V & digital signage installations
● Quiet network locations
● Classrooms


What accessories are available for my enclosed server rack?

Offering all the accessories and components you need to complete your build and simplify server rack management.

Blanking panels are compatible with our open frame racks and can help manage airflow tremendously. If you leave open space in open frame racks, hot air can drift towards the front of the servers or linger creating hot spots. 

Cable management bars fit on the back of our 2 post and 4 post open frame server racks. These dramatically improve organization and appearance of setups with lots of networking cables, making it easier to find the ones you need to adjust.

Cooling Fans are available in horizontal and vertical arrangements. Both variants help direct exhaust and prohibit hot spots from developing. 

Our newly designed Keyhole PDU bracket allows power strips to be mounted in the keyhole slot of your open frame rack. Additionally, horizontal rackmount power strips can be mounted on the back of your rack in a similar fashion to cable management bars.

For our non-threaded, square hole racks, you will need cage nuts in order to mount shelves and rails. These are available with 10-32, 12-24 and M6 threads depending on what your specific equipment requires.

● Blanking Panels
● Cable Management
● Equipment Shelves
● Mounting Hardware
● Cooling fan units

Buying Guides

The floor and wall mount server racks and cabinets organize and secure IT equipment wherever it is located, from high-density data centers to the tightest of spaces at the edge of your network.Compatible designs, tool-less mounting and an extensive line of rack accessories mean easier planning, faster deployments and more efficient maintenance.

When selecting a server rack, there are some key questions that need to be answered.

What size of rack do you need?

1 rack unit

The height of a rack and the height of equipment in it is expressed in "rack units" (a rack unit is 1.75 inches, or 44.45mm). The actual height of a 42U rack is therefore 42 x 1.75 = 73.5 inches. A 2U server would occupy two of the available 42 rack units.

Some racks cabinets come pre-assembled and can be rolled through standard 7-ft. (2.13m) commercial doorways. This allows network equipment to be racked, cabled and rolled into place in a server room for easy installation.

Wall-mount racks offer secure organization for standard 19-inch rack equipment and can support depths up to 36 inches in locations with limited floor space. Most include clear acrylic windows that allow you to monitor equipment without unlocking rack doors.

Open-frame, low-profile and vertical-mount racks are also available to accommodate unique network equipment sizes in locations where security is not a priority and space is limited.

Be sure to make an accurate assessment of the amount of rack space you currently need, and allow for future growth as your network expands.

What is the maximum rack depth required?
Rack depth is dictated by the deepest device you want to install. Determine the maximum rack depth required to mount your equipment in a floor standing or wall mount rack enclosure cabinet.

Floor Standing Rack Depth Designations

Rack Depth (in.) Ideal for...
Shallow 27 A/V equipment, limited space
Mid-depth 31 Limited space
Standard 37 Servers
Deep 42 Extra cables, improved airflow

Wall Mount Rack Depth Designations

Rack Depth (in.) Ideal for...
Patch-depth < 16 Patch panels
Switch-depth 16 - 23.99 Switches
UPS-depth 24 - 31.99 UPS systems
Server-depth > 32 Servers


What Is a Data Center Rack?

A data center rack is a great organization tool for all your electronics. They provide proper airflow so that the internal workings of the technology are not damaged by changes in temperature — either heat or cold. These racks are also used as a way to ensure that cords, wires, and other external items are not damaged through tangling or other forms of mistreatment. Data racks are a great way to keep your data up to date and expensive technology protected and organized. That way, you will always know where everything is and you know it is safe from harm.

What Is A Data Server Cabinet?

Like a data rack, a server cabinet stores and organizes your electronics. Unlike racks, these cabinets close completely and many offer you the ability to manage the temperature more succinctly. These cabinets are great for those working with extremely temperature sensitive electronics. Many of these cabinets also keep your electronics safe from both external damage and thieves, by offering a locking feature. A data server cabinet is perfect for an office or other room where people are constantly in and out, leaving your electronics vulnerable.

What is a Rack Unit or "U"?

A rack unit is a standard EIA term for measuring the overall height in a server rack. The hole spacing for EIA 19” standard racks on the mounting flange is spaced in groups of three holes. This three hole grouping is known as a rack unit (RU) or "U”. 

How Many Inches is 1U? 

One rack unit (1U) occupies 1.75″ (44.45 mm) of vertical space. This unit of measurement is used for racks, servers, rails, shelves, and more. Manufacturers of rack mount equipment design their products based on how many RUs that the equipment occupies in the server rack, which is specified as 1U, 2U, 3U, and so on. 

Rack Unit Spacing

In the image below, you can see how 1U equals 1.75" with a three hole grouping. These holes are placed in a vertical orientation and are used to secure mounting equipment to the rack. The total rack unit is measured from the middle of the rack's top hole of the previous U space to the top hole of the current U space. Even though the spacing between the holes is 0.625", the remaining 0.5" comes from the distance between the bottom hole to the top hole of a RU. 

Rack U Spacing

How Do You Calculate Rack Units? 

The rack unit conversion grid features different measurements for rack units between 1U-48U. Each rack unit is converted into inches, feet, and centimeters. When utilizing the unit conversions, it's important to know that rack units are considered maximum dimensions for rack mount equipment.

Rack Units Height (in) Height (ft) Height (cm)
1U 1.75″ 0.15′ 4.4 cm
2U 3.5″ 0.29′ 8.9 cm
3U 5.25″ 0.44′ 13.3 cm
4U 7″ 0.58′ 17.8 cm
5U 8.75″ 0.73′ 22.2 cm
6U 10.5″ 0.88′ 26.7 cm
7U 12.25″ 1.02′ 31.1 cm
8U 14″ 1.17′ 35.6 cm
9U 15.75″ 1.31′ 40 cm
10U 17.5″ 1.46′ 44.5 cm
11U 19.25″ 1.6′ 48.9 cm
12U 21″ 1.75′ 53.3 cm
13U 22.75″ 1.9′ 57.8 cm
14U 24.5″ 2.04′ 62.2 cm
15U 26.25″ 2.19′ 66.7 cm
16U 28″ 2.33′ 71.1 cm
17U 29.75″ 2.48′ 75.6 cm
18U 31.5″ 2.63′ 80 cm
19U 33.25″ 2.77′ 84.5 cm
20U 35″ 2.92′ 88.9 cm
21U 36.75″ 3.06′ 93.3 cm
22U 38.5″ 3.21′ 97.8 cm
23U 40.25″ 3.35′ 102.2 cm
24U 42″ 3.5′ 106.7 cm
25U 43.75″ 3.65′ 111.1 cm
26U 45.5″ 3.79′ 115.6 cm
27U 47.25″ 3.94′ 120 cm
28U 49″ 4.08′ 124.5 cm
29U 50.75″ 4.23′ 128.9 cm
30U 52.5″ 4.38′ 133.4 cm
31U 54.25″ 4.52′ 137.8 cm
32U 56″ 4.67′ 142.2 cm
33U 57.75″ 4.81′ 146.7 cm
34U 59.5″ 4.96′ 151.1 cm
35U 61.25″ 5.1′ 155.6 cm
36U 63″ 5.25′ 160 cm
37U 64.75″ 5.4′ 164.5 cm
38U 66.5″ 5.54′ 168.9 cm
39U 68.25″ 5.69′ 173.4 cm
40U 70″ 5.83′ 177.8 cm
41U 71.75″ 5.98′ 182.2 cm
42U 73.5″ 6.13′ 186.7 cm
43U 75.25″ 6.27′ 191.1 cm
44U 77″ 6.42′ 195.6 cm
45U 78.75″ 6.56′ 200 cm
46U 80.5″ 6.71′ 204.5 cm
47U 82.25″ 6.85′ 208.9 cm
48U 84″ 7′ 213.4 cm

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